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Infant Room

3 months through walkers

Our infant room staff is experienced in taking special care of our youngest students, age 3 months through beginning walkers. To properly care for our infants, good daily communication between staff and parent is essential.


12 MOS – 2 Years

Our toddler staff and students are much quicker than the infant class. Toddlers are age 12 months to 2 years old. This is a year of big development. Toddlers are becoming social beings and need extra direction for the skills they are learning.


By September 1st

Our teaching staff is experienced in the special excitement of two year old students. Our Two’s class has a more defined schedule than in the Toddler class, yet allows for plenty of time to explore through play inside as well as outside.



By September 1st

Stepping Stones priority for our Three year old class is social and emotional development. Our teaching staff creates a monthly calendar of activities based on special themes, a letter of the week and a number of the week.

Pre-K Program

4 by September 1st

For students 4 years of age by September 1st, we offer the VPK program August through May, and are proud of high scoring results through the Florida Department of Education.